West Mercia officer wins Bravery Award for reaction to horrific blade attack

PC Kimberley Morris from West Mercia Police has been presented with a national Police Bravery Award in recognition for giving vital first aid to a stab victim while keeping the suspected attacker talking.

PC Morris was named as the Region 3 (Midlands) winner at the Police Federation of England and Wales’ 23rd national Police Bravery Awards in London on 12 July.  The awards, sponsored by Police Mutual, honour and recognise police officers who perform outstanding acts of bravery.

PC Morris was in her second week of independent patrol when she and a colleague arrived at a house following reports of an assault. They saw the brickwork and doorframe had bloody handprints smeared on them and a blood-covered woman was screaming that ‘he’ was dying.

In the house, a blood-covered man was slumped in an armchair, with another blood-covered man kneeling before him, holding something up to a neck wound. The injured man in the chair was awake but kept losing consciousness.  PC Morris deduced that the other man in the room was the offender and that the weapon was a herb cutter that lay on the kitchen floor.

The victim had an eight-inch gash along his neck and was suffering from an arterial bleed. PC Morris kept the offender talking as she tried to stem the flow of blood from the victim’s neck, while waiting for back up to arrive.

PC Morris said: "I'm overwhelmed and excited at what I've achieved in such a short about of time and really excited to be here."