Walsall officer leaps across car bonnet to stop a criminal from escaping

A courageous Walsall police officer jumped across a car bonnet to arrest a suspect just hours into his new role policing the streets of the West Midlands. There was no first day nerves for student officer Andi Aujla, who was on a one-day posting with the Birmingham Police team at the time but has now moved on to Walsall Police.

The newly trained 26-year-old PC was called to a car pursuit. After officers in several cars managed to stop the Citroen Picasso in Slade Road in Erdington, Andi took the instinctive action to apprehend the suspect by jumping across the bonnet.

Speaking about his actions the former complaints manager and Special Constable said: "The adrenaline just kicked in. The way the car was blocked in, I jumped over the bonnet and grabbed the suspect. The training prepares you for such a scenario, but in a real-life situation it happens so quickly."

Andi admitted it "feels great" to be an officer and says he is now looking forward to policing the streets of Walsall. He added: "It feels great to be a police officer; to be able to protect the public and make a difference. I was a Special Constable for more than four years, and enjoyed the experience, so becoming a PC was the next step for me."

A 36-year-old man has been charged with more than 20 offences including burglary and driving offences.

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