Sergeant saves unwell woman on busy stretch of road

A cop saved the life of a woman who became unwell whilst driving on a fast road.

Sergeant Ged Want of Dorset Police has been recognised for saving the woman, who later turned out to be a doctor.

Sgt Want and his colleague PC Glenn Day attended an incident earlier this year, where a woman had fallen ill in a car on a fast stretch of road. Sgt Want positioned his police vehicle behind the car with the blue lights illuminated to warn oncoming traffic.

The woman was convulsing and semi-conscious, clearly in need of medical attention. Sgt Want immediately took control of the situation and helped calm the woman. She was distressed but, as a doctor herself, was able to tell him she had vascular disease and was likely having a stroke.

Sgt Want knew he had to act fast to get medical practitioners to administer emergency treatment so he and PC Day decided to take the woman to hospital themselves. Reaching the hospital Sgt Want quickly got help from paramedics, while advising them of the woman’s condition.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: "Had Sgt Want and PC Day not acted in the way they had, the female would have undoubtedly suffered life changing injuries or even died."

Sgt Want’s quick thinking has since been recognised with a Chief Constable’s commendation.