Police officers deliver baby

While there’s no such thing as a usual day for a police officer, two Staffordshire bobbies’ shift took an unexpected twist when they helped to deliver a baby girl.

PC Lynn Evans and PC Mark Kondratiuk were driving when they spotted a distressed man waving frantically at them, holding a phone. The concerned officers pulled over to speak to him, to find he was being given instructions on how to deliver a baby after his wife went into labour unexpectedly. PC Kondratiuk stayed on the phone outside the house, while PC Evans went inside, to find a woman lying down.

PC Evans told The Stoke Sentinel: “She was clearly in pain, so I just put my gloves on and began to calm her down. I then just told her to ‘push’. I told her that the ambulance was on the way but it was obvious the baby didn’t want to wait any longer.”

The paramedics soon arrived and realised the baby would be delivered at the house. “The paramedics were getting ready and then it just happened really. They let me hold the baby in my arms and it’s something I won’t forget,” PC Evans added.

Chief Inspector John Owen praised the pair, saying: “I’m really proud of the officers involved – it shows the wide variety of things a police officer can come across. Being a police officer isn’t just about crime it’s about helping the community in their hour of need.”

Source and picture: The Stoke Sentinel