Police officer saves dog from icy lake

An off-duty police officer jumped into a freezing lake to save a dog, after “instinct kicked in”.

PC Jake Pike was in a restaurant when he saw the dog run and fall into the icy lake at around 3.30pm. Whilst the fire brigade were on their way, he took off his shoes and coat and got into the lake, scooping up the dog and bringing her safely to the bank.

PC Pike, who is an Intervention Officer responding to 999 calls for Hertfordshire Police, said: “I saw that the dog was in trouble and couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Instinct kicked in and I thought I was the best person to go in. The lake was absolutely freezing! My hands still feel like blocks of ice.”

After being in the lake for a couple of minutes, he was given chef’s whites to change into by the restaurant and was checked over by the fire brigade. The owners of the dog, called Heidi, were very grateful to PC Pike and called him their ‘hero.’

He added: “I knew the lake really well, including the depth of it, and I weighed up the dangers of going in. But I would discourage anyone, especially young people, doing the same thing as it can be extremely dangerous.”

Pic: Hertfordshire Police