Police officer snatches a vulnerable woman from the path of an HGV

A Cheshire police officer saved a vulnerable woman from taking her life on the M62.

Constable Ian Blanchard was  on  patrol  on  the  motorway  travelling  towards  Liverpool  between  junction  10  and  9
when  he  spotted  a  woman  standing  near  the  central  reservation  close  to  the  fast  lane. 

The  officer  activated  his emergency lights and stopped his vehicle close to where the woman was. On  seeing  the  police  car,  the
woman  clambered  over  the  central barrier  and  walked  across three  lanes  of  traffic  to  the opposite side of the motorway.

PC Blanchard leapt from his car, climbed over the central reservation and, spotting a gap in the oncoming traffic, ran across the road after her. The officer managed to reach the woman and pull her from the path of an HGV and onto the hard shoulder just seconds before impact. The woman was later taken to hospital for care and support.

Simon Roberts, Chair of Cheshire Police Federation, said: “The woman would have undoubtedly suffered fatal injuries. PC Blanchard’s quick thinking and selfless bravery in very dangerous circumstances saved her life.”    

Ian has been nominated for a Police Bravery award.