Off-duty cop prevents moped crime from taking place

An off duty Metropolitan Police sergeant intervened to arrest a moped criminal who was about to carry out a robbery.

Sergeant Steve Clarke was cycling home from Kingston Police Station in the early afternoon of 6 December when he spotted two people riding a moped in a dangerous manner on the footpath.

He saw them mount the pavement and ride towards a number of pedestrians - which is a classic tactic employed by moped enabled criminals prior to committing a snatch theft.

After carrying out an on-the-spot risk assessment, Sergeant Clarke grabbed the driver and identified himself as a police officer. He asked passers-by to call for back up, which arrived shortly afterwards.

A struggle ensued whereby the pillion passenger managed to escape, but Sergeant Clarke, even after suffering an injury to his leg, detained the driver - a 15-year-old male, who was arrested on suspicion of aggravated taking and driving away.

Chief Superintendent Sally Benatar, praised Sergeant Clarke for his quick reaction and intervention which had “undoubtedly prevented a crime from taking place”.

She added: “I commend his professionalism and commitment to keeping south west London safe, even while cycling home for work. I'd also like to express my thanks to the members of public who came to Steve's assistance when they saw and heard what was happening."