Norfolk cop fended off a samurai wielding attacker

PC Frances Peters was the first officer on the scene after police received a late night call from a man claiming he was going to kill his wife.

PC Peters, a dog handler, arrived at the remote farmhouse to find the door open and a dim light on. She identified herself and went inside, to find the man standing in the kitchen. He was playing music and talking to himself while fiddling with a mobile phone. PC Peters tried to talk to him, but he didn’t acknowledge her presence.

She couldn’t see any trace of his wife and continued to try to speak to him, when he looked up and put his phone on the floor. Turning towards the cooker, he picked something up – and she realised he was holding a sword in each hand (a Japanese samurai sword and a Katana sword).

PC Peters shouted at him to put the swords down, but he ignored her and walked towards her with the swords in his hands. She realised in this “heart stopping” moment that her dog was not with her and her colleagues had not yet arrived.

The officer used her Pava spray and her personal safety skills, so she could restrain her attacker and safely handcuff him. She restrained the man on the ground until the other officers arrived, who took him into custody.

PC Peters disarmed and detained this dangerous man, taking control of a very dangerous situation without injury to the man or herself and also prevented any harm to the offender’s wife and children, who were upstairs in the cottage.