Mum thanks five-star family liaison officer who dealt with her son's death

This story has been submitted by a mother from Cumbria:

Sadly our younger son Jamie, aged 20 died in a Road Traffic Accident on 24 September 2014. Cumbria Constabulary attended the scene and appointed a Family Liaison Officer. He is a five-star police officer and one whom Cumbria police should be proud of. He guided us through the early days and took us to the scene of the crash, he was endlessly patient while at the same time gently nudging us to get on with things. The most notable was the way he “handled” us in the hours after telling us the horrible news – teeing up the next activities.  For example, Jamie arriving in an ambulance but going straight to the mortuary, that he would check on Jamie before taking us to identify him… all done very gently but clearly. Also forewarning us about the press release and gently suggesting we take some control – supplying a photo of Jamie and some words etc. He allowed us even in a state of shock to start processing by gently introducing a topic and then revisiting it with us. We felt we could ring him any time (though we didn't, but it was fab to know he was there). He extended this professionalism to our other son and to Jamie's best friend who had witnessed the aftermath of the accident. A blend of care but clear professionalism – in his own words he isn't “pink and fluffy” but calm, clear and in command.