Met detectives braved toxic smoke to rescue baby and toddler from house fire

Three detectives are among this year’s Police Bravery Awards nominees after they rescued four women, a toddler and a baby from a raging house fire in South East London.

Detective Sergeant Geraint Jones and DCs Toby Passant and David Milton, all from the Metropolitan Police, noticed black acrid smoke and flames coming from a first floor bedroom in Blackheath.

They tried to gain access through the front door without success. David alerted the Fire Brigade while Geraint, Toby and a member of the public gained entry to the house through the back door. There they found four women upstairs who were unaware of the blaze, and ushered them out.

Thick black toxic smoke began billowed from the windows, causing visibility problems on the road and small explosions were heard from upstairs in the property.

One of the rescued women shouted “Child! Child!” and pointed to an upstairs bedroom. Without hesitation, Geraint, Toby and the passer by courageously went back into the house. They crawled to the bedroom towards the seat of the fire despite it being extremely difficult to see and breathe. There they found two children - a baby girl and a three-year girl. Both children were carried to safety by Geraint and the member of the public, supported by Toby.

Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “Luckily, the children in this case suffered no significant ill effects from the fire or smoke. This was directly attributable to the fearless actions of DS Jones, DC Passant and Matt - the courageous member of the public.

“Had it not been for their collective prompt and selfless actions in the face of extreme danger, the circumstances would most certainly have been very different.”

Geraint, Toby and David are all up for a Police Bravery award at the 2016 Police Bravery Awards on 14 July.