Lancs officers nominated for a Police Bravery award after catching violent man

When a man was reported missing from his home by his family, PC Pete Lucas went to find him.

He knew that the man in question was believed to be driving around local roads so when he spotted his van, PC Lucas stopped it to check on the driver’s welfare. The man immediately started a sustained and frenzied attack on the officer, stabbing him repeatedly around the chest while kicking and punching his body and head. PC Lucas was stabbed in the stomach, fractured his left arm and his body and face were bruised in the vicious attack. He bravely fought for his life and continued to fight back, but the man had the upper hand.

Two members of the public who were on their way to a family funeral, saw what was happening and with no regard for their own safety, challenged the offender who was still reigning blows on the officer. He ran back to his van and drove off.

Despite his injuries, PC Lucas was able to transmit a full description of the offender and said “I will just check if I have been stabbed. Actually, yes I have”. While officers approached the man in his van, he attacked their vehicle with a large pickaxe, striking the bonnet, door and windscreen repeatedly eventually becoming embedded in the windscreen/dashboard directly in front of the driver, PC Peter Black.

PC Black pulled alongside the man’s van allowing PC Gary Holliday to Taser him through the open windows. This was a quick and remarkable show of professionalism by all involved under the most intense stress. PC’s Holliday and Black caused the man minimal injury whilst relieving an incredibly threatening and violent situation, which was unfolding outside a gym where parents were waiting for their children to finish swimming lessons.

All the officers involved showed no regard for their own safety, putting themselves in a vulnerable situation to bravely catch the offender.