Inspector hailed a hero for saving a woman from being attacked by a mob in South Sudan

A British police inspector has been hailed a hero after saving a woman from being raped and murdered by a 60-strong angry lynch mob in war-torn South Sudan. Inspector Kelvin Shipp, 55, was on a year-long deployment with the United Nations in the African country when he came across the barbaric scene. The unarmed father-of-three spotted the group trying to smash their way into the woman's car, quickly intervened and bravely fought them off.

The mob were banging on the car's windows in an attempt to get her out and seriously harm her but Inspector Shipp's courageous efforts meant she stayed safe until South Sudanese police arrived. Now Inspector Shipp, of Southsea, Hampshire, has been awarded a chief constable's commendation for his brave and selfless actions. He is one of around 100 top British officers in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's stabilisation unit who can be deployed to countries worldwide for various missions.

He spotted a woman - who was a colleague from the UN - sitting helplessly in her car as she was swarmed by the mob. The group had become violent and angry towards the woman because her car had collided with a motorbike rider. Inspector Shipp said that officers were advised not to assist after crashes as there is a high chance of volatile crowds forming, yet he decided to intervene after seeing the danger his colleague was in.

Angry South Sudanese locals were climbing on the car bonnet and banging on the windows to try to get the woman out, with a high probability she would be raped and murdered, according to Inspector Shipp. He pushed his way through the crowd and bravely fought them off by repeatedly dragging them off the car.

'I thought "I can't leave her here, if they get her out of the car she'll get probably quite a beating". My guess was that they'd rape her and there was a pretty high probability they'd kill her - and it was all over a minor accident.'

(Source: Daily Mail)