Hero police officers gave lifesaving CPR to a driver who collapsed at the wheel

Two Essex Police cops have been thanked for giving life-saving CPR to a member of the public who fell ill at the wheel.

PC Simon Bailey and Sgt Dave Goodchild, from the Basildon local policing team, were on duty in Basildon when they were called to reports of a collapsed driver.

The reports came after a driver's vehicle had stopped in an unusual place at a junction, raising concerns from members of the public. As they arrived at the scene, the officers found paramedics from the East of England Ambulance Service attempting to resuscitate an elderly man.

PC Bailey and Sgt Goodchild carried out lifesaving CPR on the man, while the paramedics prepared medication to give him. The man was taken to hospital by ambulance, which was escorted by the officers so they could get there swiftly. Following the incident, PC Bailey has checked on the man's welfare, as he is now recovering at home.

He spoke to the man's family, and they paid their thanks to the officers for their help and support.

PC Bailey said: “There’s a misconception that we only deal with crime but a big part of our job is to help people. We’re glad the driver is recovering well and wish him all the best with his health.”