Hero officers bring a man back to life

Two Metropolitan police officers responded to reports of an unconscious man on Castle Street in Kingston. Upon arrival they quickly discovered he had no heartbeat and was not breathing so immediately began CPR.

With no sign of paramedics, the officers continued the exhausting task with no response from the male. Suddenly after the 120th chest compression the man took a deep breath and woke up, officers rolled him into the recovery position before paramedics arrived on scene and he was rushed to Kingston hospital where he made a full recovery.

David Wilson had travelled down from St Albans for his sister’s wedding when he suffered a heart attack. Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mr Wilson said: “The last thing I remember was stumbling through the streets trying to get back to somewhere I knew, where my sister was. I just collapsed on to the street and blacked out. I was dead for a minute.

“The police officers spoke to me and explained what had happened, they were really, really good. They literally brought me back to my life.

“I can’t wait to meet them and thank them for saving my life. It would be an honour.”

Kingston police spokesman Seb Ellis said: “We are glad to report that he was discharged from hospital after making a full recovery! We are proud of our officers, their quick thinking and perfect first aid skills.”

Source: Evening Standard