Double celebration for Cumbria officers engaged and awarded for bravery on same day

Saving a couple and their car from tipping over the edge of a sheer drop was all in a day's work for four Cumbrian police officers.  But two of them getting engaged inside number 10 on the day of picking up a bravery award for their involvement in the incident was definitely out of the norm. 

PCs Phillip Lewis and Ryan McCarthy and partners in life and at work PCs Andrew Mason and Helen Robinson were commended for rescuing two people from their vehicle which had skidded off the road in icy conditions and was close to plummeting several hundred feet.

Reports had come in that the vehicle had come to rest overhanging a sheer drop with the occupants still inside, thanks to a member of the public who had stopped to help. When the officers arrived they could see that the vehicle’s front wheels were over the edge of the drop and the rear wheels were resting on sheet ice.

Due to the risk of the car toppling over, the officers and a member of the public bravely sat in the back of the car and the boot, using their weight to stabilize the vehicle and preventing it from falling before the fire service could arrive. They then helped keep the occupants calm and talked them out of the car.

The foursome were recognised in the national Police Bravery Awards 2015 for their courageous actions.  This took them to number 10 for a special reception for nominees - during which Andy popped the question, and Helen said yes!