Cops lift bus off trapped man

Two police officers showed their super-human strength when they lifted a bus off a man and pulled him to safety.

PC Keeka Way and Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Neil Parker of Hampshire Constabulary used their first aid skills and strength to prevent a tragedy in Winchester.

PCSO Parker and PC Way, then a PCSO herself had found themselves at the centre of a life-or-death drama. They heard screams and found a man trapped under a bus, with only his head visible.

As PC Way and a nurse tried in vain to find a pulse, PCSO Parker got everyone off the bus and away from the scene, giving the others room to treat the casualty.  Knowing the only way to save his life was to release him as quickly as possible PCSO Parker persuaded a few volunteers to grab the side of the bus.

PC Way shouted "lift" before she and the nurse pulled the casualty clear seconds later. The man suffered serious injuries but survived thanks to the actions of the two officers and those who helped them perform the rescue.

The dynamic duo have now been recognised for their bravery and ingenuity. Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney presented them with accolades from the Royal Humane Society as well as Chief Constable Congratulations and Commendations.

She said: “We work every day to protect the public but these officers and members of staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Our officers often find themselves first at a scene and if they didn’t act quickly, doing everything they can to save lives despite not being medical experts, lives would be lost."

At the ceremony the now PC Way was awarded the Royal Humane Society Testimonial in Vellum and PCSO Parker received a Chief Constable’s Certificate of Congratulations.