Cambridgeshire Police officers prevent a vulnerable woman jumping off a bridge

The brave heroic actions of officers from Cambridgeshire Police no doubt saved the life of a young woman after she had climbed over the railings of a bridge above the A14.

A call came in from the mother of a 19 year old woman with severe self-harm and suicidal tendencies; she had left her home address and her mother had real concerns about her safety having only a few days previously cut herself so badly she needed 20 stitches in it.

Sergeant Mark Rabel immediately sent officers to the home address and surrounding area to look for the young lady.

PC’s Douggie McColm and Eleanor Bacchus were alerted by a member of the public frantically drawing their attention to the bridge over the A14 where the young woman was in the process of climbing over the railings. They ran to the top to see her on the wrong side of the railings but were able to get hold of her and physically hold her to the bridge. At this point she was making a determined effort to break free from their grip. PC Simon Anker was on the ground below and witnessed the struggle and determination of the woman to break free of the officers, matched by the determination of PC’s McColm and Bacchus to keep hold of her.

At this point every available officer, and many who weren’t available, had dropped what they were doing to come and assist on the bridge. This included PC’s Louise Henry and Alex Moreton who held on to the woman's legs despite blood from a large deep wound to her forearm gushing out onto them. They were able to place limb restraints around her legs to securely attach her to the bridge railings until there were enough officers present to lift her over the railings to safety.

PC Charlie Mitton was at the home address with the woman’s mother reassuring her throughout.

Alec Wood, Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Police said: “This is an incredible example of how the brave, intelligent and selfless actions of officers saved a young life. Wonderful team work, fantastic supervision and leadership and bravery of the highest order.

"This example highlights the extraordinary risks that officers take to keep people safe and shows that our police officers and staff are exceptional people.

“I am very proud, humbled and grateful to all those involved in whatever part they played, but especially to Mark, Douggie, Eleanor, Louise, Alex and Charlie.”


Pictured above from left to right: PC Louise Henry, PC Tom Sheridan, PC Eleanor Bacchus, PC Doug McColm, PC Alex Moreton and PC Simon Anker.