Cambridgeshire cops nominated for Police Bravery award for saving suicidal woman

The worried mother of a suicidal teenager called police after her daughter left home just days after cutting herself so badly she needed 20 stitches.

When searching her PC Douglas McColm and his crew partner spotted the woman on a bridge over a busy dual carriageway, where she was climbing over the railings. As the officers ran towards her they could see she was already on the wrong side of the barrier.  They grabbed hold of her and physically held her to the bridge to stop her jumping, while she made a determined effort to break free.

PCs Louise Henry and Alexandra Moreton arrived and held on to the woman's legs despite blood from a large deep wound on her forearm gushing out onto them. Another officer was on the ground below trying to stop the traffic while witnessing the struggle and determination of the woman to break free from the officers, matched by the determination of the officers to keep hold of her.

The officers restraining the woman were at risk of falling from the bridge themselves, as she was still violently struggling. They were covered in her blood - some even ended up in their mouths - but they still held on to her despite the risk to their own health and safety.

They were finally able to place limb restraints around her legs to attach her to the bridge railings until there were enough officers present to lift her over to safety and close the road below.

The officers involved showed true courage in risking their own lives to help her